What I can do for you...

Interior Design

What exactly does interior design mean to you? Is it a new coat of paint, a new piece of furniture or an entire room makeover? Does it mean you must spend a lot of money to get the look you want?

Or is it possible to create the same look by searching various venues and obtaining the items desired at a fraction of the cost taking your dollar a lot further? The answer is yes!

I will come to your home and bring out its hidden potential whether you are just changing a single key feature or tackling a much bigger project. Sometimes this can be done by looking at the obvious and other times it is by thinking outside the box. My goal is to give you the best look for the best price.

Home Staging

Selling your house can be exasperating. Especially when changes are necessary to convince a complete stranger that your house specifically is without question the new home they are seeking.

I will come to your residence and make beneficial recommendations which I will then implement in order to keep your listing at the top of a buyer's A-list.

By working closely with the Real Estate Agent and identifying the target audience, HDOAB will merchandise the house to appeal to the broadest range of buyers increasing the Seller's likelihood of receiving more than one offer. Our aim is to maximize the equity in your home.

Home Staging Facts


There are times in life when we are met with moments of uncertainty as to whether renovation is the right choice, especially for an older home. It is an especially difficult decision to make when there is no clear picture in your mind as to what exactly should be done.

Sometimes it is easier to have someone impartial give their point of view. I will come to your home and use my knowledge and expertise to help focus your objectives and then reveal a course of action which will give your home renewed life.

Outdoor Living

It has become increasingly important to spend quality time outside as part of our daily life. This can be accomplished by simply having your yard as a tranquil retreat and enjoying its individual plant life or overall landscaping.

I will come to your home and create a display in even the smallest of areas which will provide treasures for the eyes to behold and breath-taking moments to remember with family and friends.

Income Property

You would be very surprised at the amount of improvements you can make to a rental suite with very little money and a lot of imagination.

Improvements that will net you better tenants who will stay for a longer period of time which will increase your overall revenue.

Whether your income suite is large or small, it can be seen as a negative if it does not fulfill the long-term needs of the tenant.

A renter may initially move in, but certain deficiencies will cause them to keep looking for something that better suits their goal of living in "their home".

This will ultimately cause a higher rate of vacancies and, of course, a loss of revenue to you each time.

Your rental property should be seen as an extension of your own home. This will increase both your overall property value as well as provide the best possible income.

In order to ensure your suite is the one rented immediately upon presentation, allow me to do a walk-through to determine what changes are necessary in order to create a more appealing atmosphere than is usually seen in a typical "rental".

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