Mission Statement

I am an interior designer and it is my passion to share my knowledge and experience.

I will improve my client's homes by formulating a design vision that is a result of understanding their personal needs, goals and style.

I will achieve my client's goals through creativity and outside-the-box thinking all the while bearing their budget in mind and ultimately exceeding their expectations.

The task could be as simple as providing better storage solutions or functionality where it seems impossible or it may merely involve the cosmetics of redecorating.

Or the task could be as involved as renovating spaces by removing walls, adding windows or redesigning the entire space.

A newly decorated, comfortable and organized home can give the home owner a feeling of renewed pride and personal sense of "my home is my castle".

Each client has a budget in mind with dreams of how they wish it could be and I am excited to be of assistance to all projects big and small.

Income Property

You would be very surprised at the amount of improvements you can make to a rental suite with very little money and a lot of imagination.

Improvements that will net you better tenants who will stay for a longer period of time which will increase your overall revenue.

Whether your income suite is large or small, it can be seen as a negative if it does not fulfill the long-term needs of the tenant.

A renter may initially move in, but certain deficiencies will cause them to keep looking for something that better suits their goal of living in "their home".

This will ultimately cause a higher rate of vacancies and, of course, a loss of revenue to you each time.

Your rental property should be seen as an extension of your own home. This will increase both your overall property value as well as provide the best possible income.

In order to ensure your suite is the one rented immediately upon presentation, allow me to do a walk-through to determine what changes are necessary in order to create a more appealing atmosphere than is usually seen in a typical "rental".

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